The Yadid Layeled Foundation recognized the need to offer assistance to seniors, specifically with providing of meals and mobility.

It set up a community service in which people visit the elderly individual while bringing along a hot meal to their home. The issue of mobility for residents who do not have convenient access to public transportation was raised and a minibus now travels along a set route.

Seniors can avail themselves of this service and thus join in and take an active part in social and cultural events taking place in the city.

The Foundation identified an additional need- to help connect the elderly with computers.
This project is funded by several parties. High school students from the local Ort School of Space and Aviation team up to bring the participants into the world of computers and the inter-generational encounter has proven beneficial for both sides.

The Foundation also arranged for a recreational day of fun and a lecture at the Dead Sea, under the auspices of the Yuvalim club.