Arad Programs

The Yadid LaYeled Foundation (Children’s Friends Foundation) is now operating in Arad! During 2011 the Foundation received a request for its assistance and cooperation with two important projects: 

  • The preschool program situated at the community centre (matnas)
  • Moadonit- the after school program in conjunction with the Social Services Department, also working out of the matnas.

The Pre-school center is also a Family and Child center. A place where the child can maximize potential, narrow the gaps and raise the level of preparedness for school, by having developmental delays treated, through enrichment programs. Through donations collected by the Foundation, the centre has been outfitted with Gymboree games, activities, a television and other equipment, all available for the benefit of the children’s enjoyment. Moadonit Play centre – the children come here right after school and are fed a hot, cooked meal, do their homework and participate in a range of social activities. These activities provide the children with a supportive environment, personal care, individual attention, and the wherewithal to help them adjust to and function in mainstream community. In addition, the Moadonit also received a contribution of computer terminals, electronic equipment, furniture, games and sports equipment. Computers were also donated to the Youth Club and human resources in Arad. The Yadid LeYeled Foundation proudly supports the residents of Arad in many other realms of their welfare and wellbeing.