After school program for needy at risk children ages 8-11

This program started in 2001 with some 15 children. The children attend school during the morning and go straight to the Moadonit where they are greeted by their counselor, and house mother. They will remain there until about 6 p.m. They will be served a hot home cooked meal with a lot of warmth and love.

The counselor will later assist the children with their homework as well as generally teach them good manners, eating habits and engage them in conversations that will broaden their horizons. The counselor and house mother will also lend a listening ear and give them the much needed love and attention they so sorely miss.

The counsellor keeps in touch with the children’s teachers and the social workers so they can screen for and follow up on any potential difficulties the children may encounter. The Moadonit is staffed by two young women doing their National Service. Their job is to act as “Big Sisters” to the children, to play with them, and do arts and crafts and once a week accompany them, together with a counselor, to other extra – curricular activities (swimming pool, a play or other).

The children often turn up with torn clothes or shoes. The Moadonit makes sure they receive new things.

Moadonit (clubhouse) for at risk children ages 3-6

In 2006 we founded an afternoon program for needy, at risk children ages 3-6. There are some 15 children enrolled. Some of these children are the younger siblings of those in the Moadonit for the older kids.

The Moadonit is staffed by a house mother and counselor and two Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers. This program offers these young and tender children an outlet to express their feelings, their sadness and pain, the very deprivation they feel. 

It gives us the opportunity to give them as much as possible the things they lack at home such as toys, but even more important, all the love and warmth they miss so much.

We teach them ways to behave properly and correctly, how to use non violent solutions to problems. The children are also screened at this early age for any problems with Attention span and concentration.

The Moadonit unquestionably provides a warm and loving home away from home for these youngsters, where they happily spend their afternoons from 1:30 until 6 p.m. This program too is staffed by a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals with backgrounds in social work, psychology and education.

Renewed in clothes for the holiday