The Nonprofit’s Activity in Yeruham City

The nonprofit “Yadid LaYeled” singled out a special needs cause in the community of Yeruham City.

Accordingly, it has been decided to invest in a Youth Advancement Unit in the city for assistance with kitchen equipment, furniture, toys, and media equipment.

In addition, “Yadid LaYeled” responded to the community’s youth advancement needs by establishing an Extracurricular Activities Scholarship in the framework of “An Activity for Every Child” (run by Yeruham’s Community Center).

The Youth Advancement Unit in Yeruham provides a holistic solution for school dropouts in various capacities: Education – via Hila Program, Preparation for a Meaningful Military Service, Pre-Employment Training and Internships, Community Service, Courses, and more. The unit responds to the needs of about 30 boys and girls, aged 14-18, from Yeruham and surrounding areas, 5 days a week from 8:00-15:00, with evening hours once a week from 18:00-21:00.

Each youth is equipped with a personalized plan which includes educational and instructional objectives as well as a weekly plan which entails a personal meeting with an educational and therapeutic counselor, learning programs as well as employment, should the need arise.

The unit’s team consists of a Unit’s Manager, an Education Manager, Educational and Therapeutic Counselors, teachers, and soldiers. As listed above, the unit utilizes assorted tools that empower youth to feel capable and successful as well as enable them to work within a structural framework.